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Kuala Lumpur

May 11th, 2009

Day One - 4 May 2009 - We landed in Kuala Lumpur 30 minutes early but still too late to make much of the day. So, having checked in to the Butang Warisan Hotel, we ventured out to find a bar and have a quick look round. Being the intrepid travellers that we (almost certainly) are we found our way to a little bar serving Heineken (at £3 a pint) and a Malay sharing platter. A bit of a walk round and a few offers of “cupping” massages later we tucked called it a night: although we’re not sure where the day actually went, I guess we’ll get it back later.

Petronas Towers as seen from the KL Tower

Day Two - 5 May 2009 - Day two started early, probably too early, but we’d done a good job of staying awake on the plane to prevent any major jetlag. As is customary we then walked the entirety (well, anything interesting) of Kuala Lumpur and, contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t too bad, although our zig-zagging didn’t exactly help our feet; my flip flops were far too big, and therefore painful, and Ravi’s right sandal had destroyed 3 plasters as well as his ankle. Kuala Lumpur itself is quite a mixture of cultures, wealth and architecture. The banking district, dominated by the Petronas Towers, is very modern but fairly bland. China Town was, in my opinion, utter crap - too many people offering porn DVDs and lacking in any charm or use - the area, not the DVDs ;-). Little India is also another “Must see” in most guide books but, as with China Town, is pretty bland, a couple of streets with a few shops for the locals and that’s it. One thing that was definitely worth it was the KL Tower, a communications mast, towering above the KL Skyline. Slightly expensive to visit (given that the Petronas Towers were free) but they’ve put in some effort and had a slightly weird “Winter Wonderland” as well as an animal enclosure containing mainly reptiles, loads of snakes and a few hilarious monkeys. We finished off the day with a bite to eat in PappaRich, a Malaysian (ish) restaurant, before trying to find a bar to watch the Man Utd Arsenal game in. This ended up being pretty fruitless as not only could we not find a bar staying open that late we also spent a fortune on drinks in the process - drinking ain’t cheap here.

Day Three - 6 May 2009 - A slightly more chilled out day than the previous one began with another trip to the Petronas towers; they had run out of tickets on our first visit. The view was good but nothing compared with that from the KL Tower and it was accompanied by an hilarious 3D advert beforehand which we had to sit through listening to how brilliant Petronas was. Once I’d bought another pair of flip flops (Yes, I know I have a few) we set off to find a bus to get to the Batu Caves 17km north of KL. Steve was slightly disappointed at this point as he’d believed we were visiting “The Bat Cave”. It was actually fairly good, better than the other “Must see”’s and filled with monkeys as well as an enormous Buddha statue. In the evening we met up with Sui, one of Steve’s friends from Uni, who took us for a meal and then some drinks. Somewhat disappointingly, and no thanks to the Rough Guide, it took us to the street behind our hotel which was filled with restaurants and much cheaper bars. Sitting outside in the heat the food was great, the peppered squid being the pick of the bunch, and a few too many beers in a bar ended the night at about 2.

Entrance to Main Batu Cave

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