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Hong Kong

September 10th, 2009

On the 24th June we departed Krabi for Bangkok, where saying our goodbyes to Claire, Steve, Emma and I headed off to Hong Kong to meet up with Rav and to get out of Thailand before our Visas finished.

Hong Kong, as most people know, is an (recently) ex-British colony but now back in the hands of China given the status of a SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China. This essentially means that while it comes under the ultimate control of Beijing it does have some autonomy and is slightly more flexible in terms of capitalism and relations with the west. This is beneficial to both the residents, in terms of increased (relative) freedoms, and to China, in that Hong Kong provides a disproportionately large amount of income. Hong Kong is obviously very flush with cash, and shares many similarities with Singapore. The shopping is pretty ridiculous, malls everywhere and we’re not exactly talking Primark either.

We spent three nights in Hong Kong in total and stayed north of the river a short MRT journey from the main part of Hong Kong. Unfortunately it pretty much rained for the entirety of our stay due to a typhoon passing through. This made our stay not as enjoyable as it could have been. This did however teach us how to use all of the walkways and malls to traverse Hong Kong without stepping a foot outside.

We spent most of the first day exploring round town having a look at a temple before heading off to find some Dim Sum for lunch. We ventured in to a small tea house to try out the Dim Sum and knew we were in an authentic place as all the other diners were Chinese. We each ordered some Dim Sum and then spent the rest of the meal not knowing who’s we were eating and, Steve in particular, complaining that our Dim Sum tasted pretty crap not realising that we were actually eating what someone else ordered. That afternoon we met up with Ross, one of Steve’s friends from a “previous company” who showed us his office and took us to a few places. We headed back to the hotel before going back into town to meet up with Ross again as well as another guy called Gideon. We first went to the harbourside to look at the lightshowHong Kong Light Show, not realising at the time that we were in the wrong place and therefore missed a fair part of it! We then took off in to town to get an Indian and a few drinks.

The next day me and Em spent going around a few shops before heading up to the park and aviary and then finally heading off to the History Museum. THe History Museum is definitely worth a mention as not only is it massive it’s very well put together. I can’t remember how long they suggest you visit for but it’s definitely worth taking heed of their advice. We had an hour and ended up rushing the experience. That night we headed off with Rav to SOHO and had a really excellent italian.

The third and final day was accompanied with a spot of sunshine and led us straight up “The Peak” in search of the iconic view of Hong Kong. A tram transports people up the (very) steep hill and from there you can see views over the entire city. Towards the end of the day Emma and I headed off to Koh Samui, leaving Steve to go to China and Ravi off to Perth.Hong Kong from "The Peak"

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