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Back to Bali

September 15th, 2009

Having experienced the sheer joy of the slow boat to Gili Trawangan Emma and I decided to join Lou and Viks on the fast boat back to Bali. Not only is it quicker it’s actually a fair bit of fun as well. They certainly don’t mess around. We managed to get some serious air, off big waves, several times. Loved it.

We decided that we’d try to see a bit more of the Kuta-Legian-Seminyak conurbation and, given what the guidebooks said, we decided to stay in the, alledgedly, more upmarket, slightly more expensive but not as much as seminyak, Legian. We arrived fairly late on in the day and walked around a few places before finding a bigger hotel with a couple of rooms free. At this point I feel it necessary to say that I think most of the hotels know that it’s getting late and basically try to push their more expensive rooms on to you. It’s a bloody pain. Anyway, the two rooms we found could not have been more contrasting. Em and I had a pretty awful place with what can only be described as a trickle i.e. definitely not a shower. Viks and Lou, on the other hand, had a jacuzzi at the end of their bed along with a bathroom each. Thankfully we only stayed one night.

That night, though, was a good one. It started off ok with a fairly mediocre restaurant and the dawning realisation that actually Legian had pretty much nothing going on at night. Em and I said goodnight to the girls and then went off for a walk to try and find some bars. A little while in to our walk we realised that not only was everything shut but it seemed like mugging central. You certainly wouldn’t want to walk around some of these places alone. Before Trawangan we’d visited the “Ocean Beach Club” on Kuta beach a couple of times, once for lunch and once for dinner. Feeling that the night was coming to a premature end I stopped a guy on a scooter and managed to get him to take me and Em to the bar. We arrived around 10 and quickly set about the cocktail menu. This place is brilliant, the food is varied and well done, the tunes at night are top notch (it has a laid back feeling but mixed with a bit of dance) and the atmosphere is great. We ordered a few cocktails and then got chatting to the manager who it turned out was seeing the guy who was running Ku De Ta. She gave us some hints and then got us booked in to Ku De Ta for the following day. Result.

We spent the next day on the beach up in Legian and realised where a few of the bars were. It was a fairly uneventful day although we did manage to find this quality little Italian cafe, Cafe Marzano, which does some of the nicest pizza I’ve ever had. You could have just eaten the base itself, it was that good. That night we went to Ku De Ta, the restaurant famous for having Kate Moss as a regular patron. Ku De Ta Cheese Board!Somewhat out of keeping with the rest of Indonesia this place charges good London prices but thankfully the food (Venison in my case), the cocktails, the atmosphere, and the frankly out of this world service really do make it worthwhile. Apparently Christiano Ronaldo had been there the year before and at the time I was quite happy with that. Now, not so much. We finished the night off with a trip to the bars in Legian that we’d found. Not the greatest of places but there was one guy on his own, unbelievably inebriated, keeping everyone entertained.

The following day was effectively the last day with Lou and Viks as their plane left early the next morning. We spent another fairly lazy day on the beach ensuring that their tan was nicely topped up before heading back home. The girls went off for an evening out and then we caught up in the Legian beach bars for further drinks before saying our goodbyes.

The following morning Em and I checked out of the hotel and decided to head back to the seriously more lively Kuta. Spending what seemed like an eternity we found a fairly cheap but pretty clean hotel to stay in and decided to spend the rest of the week there basically having a bit of a beach holiday.Sunset on Kuta Beach The rest of the week passed fairly uneventfully, we spent a lot of time on the beach, I spent yet more time not surfing. Until the last two efforts that is when I started to get a bit of confidence on the board. We spent pretty much every night that week getting a taxi up to Jalan Oberoi (that’s a street), in Seminyak, for dinner. While it doesn’t have the greatest nightlife, given the more upmarket resorts, it does have by far the best restaurants in Bali. We had quite a few italians (The Trattoria does a phenomenal rabbit ravioli) as well as Morrocan and others. Not only is the food very very good, with an excellent variety of tastes, it’s also bloody cheap; think £3 for a main course! Once we’d eaten we invariably headed back to Kuta to go for a few drinks.

Our best night of the week involved the awesome Rabbit ravioli followed by a trip to the aforementioned Ocean Beach Club where the manager now recognised us and introduced us to her sister, the great DJ, as well as a few other people. We had a few cocktails before heading off to the Sky Garden, a far preferable alternative to Bounty, where we had more cocktails and painted a few shapes on the dancefloor. While there they put on a fire show with a couple of dancers showing off their moves. It was a great night although made more memorable by the hangovers that Em and I had the next day!!

We left Bali to go to Singapore and as per usual made a right cock up of it. Em already had her flight sorted so I was getting there another way. She was going first to Kuala Lumpur before getting a connecting flight to Singapore. Obviously I just went straight to Singapore a fair bit earlier. Unfortunately Emma’s flight was delayed which meant she would miss her connecting flight resulting in her staying another day in Bali before catching up with me.

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