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Singapore Take Two

September 15th, 2009

Having already been to Singapore I was well and truly up on it and quickly realised that it’s actually a lot smaller than my first impressions had made it seem. It’s also actually a really nice city but probably one that’s only really worth a visit if you know someone who can take you to the places that the guidebooks don’t know about.

With Emma forced to stay behind in Bali for another night I checked in to the hostel dorm room at the Hangout. This place is a pretty reasonably priced, lovely hostel with almost the perfect location for town. I got chatting to a German guy in the dorm room who had an unhealthy obsession with airplanes. Carrying a 747 manual (or something similar) and donning a T-shirt with an airbus, or something, on it we took off to find some dinner and beer. By now I knew Singapore like the back of my hand so took off down to Chinatown for some food and beers. The night was ok, if not slightly dull!

Once Emma arrived we made like good tourists and set about seeing the entire city in a single afternoon. We did not achieve it but we did see a hell of a lot of the town and bumped in to one of Emma’s friends from back home who had moved to the city. We almost timed our visit to Singapore to perfection accidentally coming across the preparations and rehearsals for that years National Day celebrations. For a rehearsal they must have spent an absolute fortune on what was probably the best firework show I’ve ever seen. That night we went for a curry in LIttle India. In fact we ended up going to the same place that Ravi, Steve and I had been to on my previous visit. A word of warning to any girls wanting to go to Little India: cover up. Emma was wearing an outfit which would be perfectly fine in the UK but not here it seems. In a place which seemed to be overrun by men she was looked up and down by every single guy in the area. Pretty horrific really and not something you’d want to be subjected to on your own.

The following day we took off to go meet Emma’s friend, Becky, and her family. They’d just moved out to Singapore and were quite literally moving in to their new home. They took us out for some lunch at this lovely little farmers market before I headed off to Australia and Emma stayed around for another day.

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