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September 15th, 2009

I took a slightly long-winded route to Sydney. Being on a budget does absolutely nothing for global warming. Instead of taking the fairly obvious flight straight to Sydney I first took a flight to Perth (the wrong side of Australia) before taking another domestic flight over to Sydney. This saved me considerable amounts of money but sadly not time; I had to wait in Perth airport overnight. So what should have taken 7 hours took me 18 hours, lovely.

Emma caught up with me in the airport and we headed straight to the hostel that we’d booked. Turns out that while it’s perfectly easy to get a really nice room in Asia it’s not so easy cheap to get a nice room in Australia. This place was a bit of a culture shock: a hostel for starters but sharing bathrooms as well, crazy?! Located in Wooloomooloo (that’s a real place) it was actually in a pretty good location, not too far from the main tourist attractions and within striking distance of King’s Cross, alledgedly the centre of the nightlife. That night we headed off to catch up with Ravi, who we’d not seen since Hong Kong, and went for an Italian fairly nearby. It was at this very early stage that we first realised that you really have to do early dinner in Australia. They just don’t seem to eat past 8.30pm.

The following morning we set off like good tourists and decided to check out as much of the city as possible. The obvious attractions are the harbour bridge and the opera house. More importantly though we headed over to Pitt St so Emma could get a photo on “her” street. After that we headed off down to Circular Quay and The Rocks to take in the views of the harbour. We decided to check out the harbour bridgeHarbour Bridge and Opera House walk (essentially walking over the very top of the bridge) but at AU$200 declined to take it up. In fairness I don’t think you can really see much more from the top and it’s also possible to climb up one of the towers instead for around AU$10! Anyway, we went over the bridge, decided not to do the tower as well, and then went for some fish and chips. Even though the British are renowned for their fish and chips it seems that the Aussies like them just as much!

That evening we met up with Steve and his new “acquaintance” Carolyn before joining in with a pub crawl arranged by our hostel. In terms of value for money the pub crawl could not be faulted. We headed to four different bars, scubar, the world bar and a couple of others; I forget! We got in to everyone for free and had a lot of free drinks for only AU$10. The night was slightly marred by the fact that Ravi decided to recklessly throw himself off a 6 inch pavement and twist his ankle. He took himself home while the rest of us (Me and Emma in particular) tore up the dancefloor instead.

The following morning Ravi, Emma and I packed our bags and went to Bondi. Famous for it’s beach Bondi is also the location of choice for many of Sydney’s young. It’s not hard to see why. A very cool beach, a laid back village atmosphere plus good restaurants and shopping make it easy to enjoy. In the end we spent quite a few days down here with our trip coinciding with the Sydney “City to Surf” run which sees several thousand run from the city down to the beach.Bondi BeachUnfortunately Emma was not feeling her best while we were in Bondi but, with Ravi’s ankle recovering, we managed to do most of the walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. This walk had been recommended by quite a few people but in all honesty was not that amazing, especially given the stuff we’d been up to. One thing that we definitely regret about our time in Sydney was going to see GI Joe; we knew from the start that it was going to be bad and it certainly was.

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