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Koh Samui

May 25th, 2009

10 May 2009 - 16 May 2009.

Ok, definitely giving up with the day by day record…………

Koh Samui is a small Island off the eastern coast of southern Thailand. It’s (alledgedly) a popular tourist destination with backpackers and holiday makers alike. It’s bloody good. So good in fact that it might have been a little stupid going there in the second week of the trip, expectations for other beach resorts are now unfairly high.

Anyway, we arrived in to Koh Samui airport at about 9.15pm and headed straight for the hotel. On a side note the airport itself is amazing, a great way to introduce tourists to the island - there’s a few pics of this. Having arrived at the hotel Ravi decided that he actually did need his wallet and, having made a brief trip back to the airport, got it, and a free taxi round trip, from the airport security. Scare over we got settled in and marvelled at the view from our hotel room. Not a bad start at all.

Hotel Pool

We were joined in Koh Samui by two of Ravi’s friends, Jai and Sarika, who were staying in another hotel just down the beach from us. We met up with them on the first night and headed to Bar Solo for a few drinks and a few rounds of pool. Not too late in to the evening we were introduced to Samui’s rain and it’s accompanying light show.

For most of the week our days were fairly routine. We mostly woke up at about 10am and then headed down for breakfast on the beach. This may seem trivial but the ability to walk to the front of the hotel and then have a buffet breakfast on the beach can not be understated………loved it! Anway following that we’d head down to the beach, get a bit of sun and a bit of lunch at some point. At about four we’d get sick of the beach and head next to the pool to use the slide and jacuzzi, it was a tough week! Evenings started at about 7.30 with a drink somewhere, followed by a meal and then drinks on the beach.

On Thursday we took a boat tour to Ang Thong national park, a selection of islands about an hour west of Samui by speed boat. Having regressed in to a vegetative state over the previous days this was a welcome change to inject some energy back in to everyone. We took a land rover, driven by a mad man, across the island at around 7am where we had a spot of breakfast followed by a bone crushing journey to a first stopping point. While I don’t want to dwell on it I must mention that carrying toilet paper in South East Asia is a must - I’ll leave it at that. First stop was just off one the islands, we were given snirkelling gear and an hour to swim around the coral and seemingly endless numbers of fish - a great start to the trip. Following on from that we headed to one of the bigger islands for a spot of sunbathing, lunch and sea kayaking. We started with the sea kayaking and, seizing the opportunity for exercise, I rediscovered my competitive streak and proceeded to shout motivational one-liners at Anna to ensure we stayed at the front of the group. A few shouts of “Winning is everything, everywhere else is nothing” and “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” (plus others) and we’d destroyed the field of casual kayakers. Following on from that we took sometime to chill out and have some lunch. You’ve got to hand it to them: middle of nowhere without electricity and the tour team (there were a lot of them) produced a great lunch of sweet and sour pork, beef curry, rice, fruit. Our last stop in the national park was a landlocked lagoon accessible by a slightly dubious stairway the locals had constructed. Needless to say, it provided an excellent view of not just the lagoon but a large amount of the national park as well.Ang Thong National Park We headed back to the mainline at around 3 so that, depending on choice, we could either ride an elephant or quad bike. We all chose the elephants - rude not to really - but to be honest I wish I hadn’t. The elephant “trek” was basically a quick slow walk up a dirt track in 40 degree heat, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the animal (and that’s coming from the worlds worst animal lover.) That was followed by an elephant show where a couple of elephants basically did a few different tricks. In fairness this was pretty impressive and demonstrated the ridiculous amount of strength that they have - particularly good was when the bigger of the two elephants walked on just two feet. Having done a few party pieces the trainers then asked for a female volunteer. A couple of girls had a go and received an elephant massage - basically an elephant almost breaking their back for a few seconds. After that a male volunteer was asked for. Slightly unwillingly a guy stepped forward for his “Honeymoon massage”. Lying on his back he was first kissed/sucked (?) on the mouth, by the elephants trunk, and then had the same service to his twig and giggle berries. Topped off with the death defying elephant stamping massage and the guy took a well deserved round of applause.

Friday was my (and Anna’s) last full day in Samui and could have been a little less stressful. The day started in the usual way with breakfast on the beach. Steve, Ravi and I decided to finally make our way across to the little island in the bay - a long walk which turned out to be pointless as the seemingly idylic island was in fact private property and covered in rubbish. We got back to the main beach and took another walk along one of the spits where we found some deep water: it was shoulder height and a revelation on this beach.) Anna was in the water here too, having found it days before, and after a few near misses with jet skis we decided to head back in. All of a sudden Anna screamed a bit and turning round to see her then says “It’s not funny, it really hurts”. Realising she’s actually hurt we start getting her back towards the hotel. Not knowing what’s ripped a few pieces out of her leg Anna fears the worst and, this may be a bit excesiive, starts crying hysterically. Choosing my words carefully (ish) I then come out with “I don’t mean to be a dickhead but calm down” which doesn’t seem to work. Anyway, grabbing a few things from the hotel room we head off to the hospital to get checked out. At this point, in all fairness, Anna has calmed down but is in a lot of pain. The hospital staff were pretty helpful, giving Anna a concoction of painkillers, anti-histamines and a few other things to try to get rid of the poison. Their bed manner, however, left a little to be desired. Having been confronted with an hysterical patient you would think that telling that person about a previous death would be a no-no. Not in Koh Samui, having dug out a 10 year old paper on the box jellyfish the doctor told us how she’d had someone die as a result of the exact same jellyfish. Good to know! Jelly Fish AttacksThankfully the morphine (or something similar) had kicked in and Anna was now more hilarious than hysterical. A few hours later and we were back in the hotel relaxing for the last day.

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