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Sao Paulo

September 26th, 2009

Sao Paulo was more of a necessity for me and Steve than an actual scheduled stop. As I’ve mentioned before budget travel does absolutely nothing for global warming. On leaving New Zealand the plan was to go to Buenos Aires to catch up with Ravi. Unfortunately flying direct to Buenos Aires from Auckland was prohibitively expensive whereas flying to Sao Paulo was not. Amusingly, or not, the flight that we took from Auckland to Sao Paulo actually stopped in Buenos Aires before continuing on. Weird, but at least we got another stamp in the passport!

Sao Paulo is, for starters, bloody big. Unfortunately I did just about sod all research in to Sao Paulo before going there so I wasn’t really the greatest of tourists while there. Mind you, the central information centre wasn’t much better. We popped in there on the last day and asked them what there was to do. She could only come up with three things, the third of which was to visit a mall! Yes, there’s not a lot of point in going to this city. There’s many other places that are far better and you feel that your wallet’s a lot safer too.

Anyway, we basically had one day in Sao Paulo, which we spent by walking around of load of the city, somehow coming across the Municipal Stadium and football museum (which was kind of cool) before going to the centre and visiting the top of some building.

The only possible point of interest from Sao Paulo was the fact that we didn’t fully appreciate the jet lag from New Zealand and slept in until 12.30, almost missing our flight. I think this sums up Sao Paulo fairly well……

Sao Paulo

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