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July 1st, 2009

A day and a half on the beach basically. Sihanoukville is in the south of Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. Not quite up to the same standards as the Thai islands but very nice nonetheless.

We spent a fair bit of time on the beach, watched “The Wrestler” in a personal cinema - quite a cool idea where you can hire rooms for a couple of hours to watch a film or play games - and that was about it. Oh, also had a roast dinner. It wasn’t the best but it was sooooo good.

Both evenings we partied pretty hard, the result of some excellent little beach bars. The most memorable evening was spent in a bar on the beach where pretty much the entire group was drunk and not a penny spent - the result of a thankful bar manager appreciating the fact that due to us his bar was absolutely packed, with us taking centre stage on the dance floor. Once again, the boys (Ravi, Steve and I) outlasted the rest of the group. Steve and I finished off the night by getting lost on the way home, a quite ridiculous feat given that the bungalows were just off the beach about 50 yards from the bar. We were approached by a few people at which point Steve told me that he didn’t want to get in any fights because he “would kill them”! Nice.

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