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Nha Trang

July 9th, 2009

Nha Trang has nothing in particular that appeals on a cultural level to travellers but it’s wonderfully placed as a stopping point between Saigon and Hoi An. It also happens to have one of the best beaches in Vietnam so was a welcome stopping point for a couple of days tanning and relaxing.

A particular highlight is the Mud Baths to the north of the town, easily accessible by taxi. On arrival you pick what “course” you would like to take. We decided to have pretty much the full works mainly because it looked like a load of fun but also because it’s actually very cheap. It’s mostly frequented by locals with a large influx towards the end of the day as people finish work. We started off with 15 minutes in a tub full of muddy water, made very funny by Steve’s attempts to clean his finger (to remove a contact lense) by licking it not realising that a bucket of clean water was to his side. Determined to go one further, as well as hoping it would work wonders on my hair (!), I decided to fully submerge myself. This would have been fine had I not gone about it on my back, promptly getting muddy water up my nose and ears - it was not good. A few other baths and showers led us to a waterfall (by which time it was raining heavily) of hot water followed by a dip in a hot swimming pool and then a cold pool. Brilliant.

The only other highlight of Nha Trang was the brilliant story from Claire who, being very sunburnt, went for a massage by a blind person. She was then massaged with Tiger Balm (which gives a deep burning sensation) for a full hour before somehow stumbling semi-naked back to the hotel.

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