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Hoi An

July 9th, 2009

Hoi An is an ancient port town on the Thu Bon River but is now far more famous as the place to go for tailors. A very pretty town, with a mixture of Vietnamese, French and Chinese architecture giving it a very laid back feel. The first day was spent having a look around Hoi An and then heading to a tailor, recommended by Charles, to see what kind of bargains could be had. A few of the guys had suits made, while the girls had dresses, shorts and other things made. Ravi, Steve, Harry and I all took upon ourselves to get silk pyjamas made. Picking out the most obscene silk fabric we could and getting measured up gave us, for $38, a top souvenir, not to mention great fancy dress for the tubing in Laos.Tailor Made Silk Pyjamas

Highlights of Hoi An for me included a bike trip to the beach and around the surrounding area, it’s really nice when you feel like you’ve gotten away from the usual tourist path. The restaurant, Cargo, on the waterfront also gave us (well at least me) the best meal of the trip so far (This is still true over a month on). A starter of fried camembert with cranberry sauce was followed up with a beautifully cooked steak - delicious. I couldn’t manage it but the chocolate brownie was highly (ridiculously highly) recommended by Harry who spent most of the trip, thereafter, referring to it.

Lowlights of Hoi An don’t really exist but there is the possibility to pay for a ticket to visit some of the cultural buildings within Hoi An. They sell you a ticket allowing you entrance to 5 such buildings. This is great but in all honesty only one, possibly two, of the buildings are actually worth it, the museum of trade ceramics being particularly disappointing!

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